Listener reviews

Here are the things that Micah's listeners are saying about his music.
"Your music makes me feel better. Thank you for that." - Hayley Ann

"Your new stuff is fantastic! More more! :) " - Brita-Rae

"You have some beautiful songs, man!" - Neil (www.NeilPatton.net)

"Dude, you are unreal!... so amazing" - Andrew

"Thanks again for relaxation and wellness of mind
and body that your music brings." - Micah (New York)

"Your music is absolutely beautiful - such a special gift from God!!!...
Thank you for recording your music so others can hear it!" - Nan

"Micah, I listen to your music on Whisperings Radio (solopianoradio.com)
and it's beautiful!" - Micky

"I was introduced to your music by my boyfriend - I mentioned Jim Brickman
one day and he said, 'have you ever heard of Micah Page?' (He has all your cd's).
I LOVE your music and am really looking forward to adding these pieces into my
reportoire for private parties and wedding receptions. - Sarah

"Micah, I love your music!" - Lisa (www.LisaDrakePiano.com)

"Thanks for making such wonderful music.  Just hearing it makes me happy." - Ryan

"Just heard your song 'A Sad Goodbye' on Whisperings and was so moved by it that
I had to drop you a note...Thanks for the music." - Fabian

"All I listen to now is your music...Your music really helps me to relax and
deal with the hustle and bustle of New York City traffic, but besides music
calming the savage beast I really do enjoy your wonderful work.  I look forward
to your future albums and projects.  Thank you again for the contribution of your
musical talents that helps make your listeners lives a bit brighter." - Micah (New York)

"Just wanted to let you know how much I listen to your CD "Interludes."
It is set to loop, it plays all day while I work in Photoshop, editing my
wedding photography.  Music is powerful, and yours gives me the power I
need to make it thru the day. Thanks." - Derek

"I just wanted to let you know that I first heard your song "Little Theme"
on solopianoradio from itunes.  I wrote down your song then purchased it." - Brian
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