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Micah began recording piano at the request of his classmates and friends in high school who enjoyed listening to his improvisations.  With the help of a friend who owned some recording equipment, Micah recorded his first compositions at his home church in Pleasant Hill.

As his recordings became popular in his community, Micah started to develop his composition style while studying music academically.  He draws on his influences from accompanying musical theater (Richard Rogers, George Gershwin, etc.), classical and romantic period composers, as well as contemporary worship songs.

Since those first recordings, Micah has released four solo piano albums that have had airplay in several parts of the country, as well as online through Whisperings Solo Piano Radio and other internet stations.

Though born in Alaska, Micah grew up in Pleasant Hill, Oregon and now lives with his wife in Eugene.  After focusing on music in high school, Micah attended the University of Oregon where he graduated with a bachelor's in music.  Micah works as a youth and worship leader at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church near Eugene, Oregon.  He also works for a credit union during the week while playing shows, teaching piano and composing.
Micah's style of playing is compared most often to George Winston and Jim Brickman.  He began recording his compositions at the age of eighteen with Memories, which features an hour of improvisation.

As Micah began studying music at the University of Oregon, his compositions developed more interesting melodies and harmonies.  This change began in 2002 with the release of Willing, which involved more written music and relied less on improvisation.

His third release, Interludes, took two years to complete, which allowed Micah's style to mature even more.  The method of composition Micah has developed now uses very little improvisation, instead relying almost entirely on written themes and melodies.  This style is also featured on Micah's fourth CD, Themes, released in 2006.
Micah's four CD releases have all sold well over the years with Interludes and Themes being the most popular.  These two CDs have had the advantage of additional exposure online through the independent music site CDBaby, as well as downloading sites like iTunes and Amazon (see full list).

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